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Our History

   In 1979, Montebello resident and new business owner Lydia Minasian was operating a toy and crafts supply store on Whittier Boulevard while raising four school-aged children.  Her husband suggested she try introducing some fine jewelry into the store.  She started with one tray of gold and diamond jewelry and its immediate success inspired her to close the toy-crafts store and start a wholesale jewelry business across the street. 

   Initially named Goldex Wholesale Jewelry, the business catered to other non-jewelry businesses and independent distributors who needed to purchase in smaller quantities than a typical retailer.  Walk-by traffic prompted the wholesaler to open its doors to the public and eventually the retail transactions grew to overtake the wholesale business. 



     To serve its retail customers’ needs, the store evolved into a full-service fine jewelry retailer, offering all types of repair services and specializing in custom design and special orders.  Other complimentary services-- free giftwrapping, wish lists, personal shopper, and their no-fee layaway program—provided a retail environment that catered to its client’s needs.   The retail-oriented business adopted a new name, Goldex Fine Jewelry, but maintained one aspect of its wholesale roots:  a commitment to offering jewelry at affordable prices.

     Over the years, as customers marked momentous occasions with jewelry—wedding bands, baptism medallions, class rings for graduates—Lydia and her family members witnessed those milestones and developed a familial bond with their clients.  “Some of my customers who have been coming here for years--I remember when their babies were born, now they have grandchildren,” relates Minasian, who has six grandchildren of her own. 

jewelry store 90640 Montebello Los Angeles California
jewelry store 90640 Montebello Los Angeles California

  Today, more than 40 years later, a new generation of customers is discovering the store online through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Still, Goldex Fine Jewelry maintains its personality as a “family business,” treating every new customer relationship like the beginning of a lifelong friendship and remaining ever-focused on meeting the needs of each individual client.  Personal appointments are set with clients to walk them through the process of choosing a diamond, creating their ideal engagement ring, remaking old jewelry into a new piece, or realizing their custom jewelry vision. 

   In 2019 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the showroom was closed, however Goldex staff are still helping loyal clients with their jewelry needs through virtual channels and contact-free delivery. We hope to welcome you to a new location soon but in the meantime, please dont' hesitate to contact us with your jewelry needs or concerns.


   Goldex looks forward to welcoming you into our family of customers!

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